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We're building a gym...

and we need your help!


In January of 2017, the very first RenFitness Gym will open in the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle!! Having our own space will allow us to expand our programming for the ultimate community while also creating the first indoor space devoted to the sport. But we need your support in the next month to turn it from the empty warehouse it is now into the ultimate space of your dreams!


Check out what we're planning

Program Offerings:

  • Courses from KB Circuit to RenFit to Turf Conditioning
  • Team programming and clinics
  • Open Gym times: train on your own and use the turf
  • Mini and Goaltimate leagues 
  • Events (mini league, goaltimate, movie nights)
  • Field space and facility rental
  • Expanded RenFitness internship and coaches program

Physical Features:

  • 3000SF of indoor turf
  • Functional training equipment (kettlebells, squat racks, foam rollers, the works)
  • Meeting space inside the building
  • 2 gender-neutral restrooms and a shower
  • Community area with couches/TV and tables/chairs
  • Huge parking lot (37 spaces) and lots of street parking

Don't live in Seattle?

We’re planning on offering a Virtual Gym subscription to share our programming and seminars with you! With enough funding we’ll be able to offer this as early as June of 2017!

Please contribute!

It’s going to take a village to create this amazing space, and there’s a lot of ways you can help!

The first and most important way you can help, though, is to donate to the Indiegogo campaign and tell your friends - without that monetary support, we’ll only be able to offer a fraction of the cool things we want to offer!!

Stay tuned for other ways you’ll be able to participate once we raise the necessary funds!  



Designed for the ultimate athlete, this class is organized around different skill sets and goals within the game (change of direction, first three steps, verticality). It’s a mix of strength/power work and metabolic conditioning!


Womens' Lifting Night

We work hard, we pick up heavy stuff, we swing kettlebells. We work through a periodized strength/power program, and encourage each other to lift outside of class. We have fun!!



Masters players often have a larger injury history and more ingrained movement patterns - we work on increasing mobility, learning proper form and modifications for strength/power exercises, and getting our sweat on with our friends!


Open Gym

Want to work out on your own? We have limited open gym offerings in our current location - once we're in the new space we'll have a lot more options for you, including regular access to the indoor turf!

Custom Programming



Personal Training

Individual or duo session are a great way to get eyes on your form and specific programming to help you achieve your goals! Prices vary depending on the amount of trainer experience and how many session you purchase.

Movement Evaluations

If you want to get the most out of your training, a FMS (Functional Movement Screen) assessment and follow-up is an amazing tool. The FMS is used as a diagnostic tool worldwide by doctors, PT’s and trainers alike.


Team Options

We offer a variety of services to teams on an a la carte basis, allowing us to meet a team’s specific needs and maximize training time. Everything from one-time strength training or speed/agility clinics to regular lifting programming to sideline support - we’ve got what you need to keep your team high-performing and healthy!





In our new space, we’ll have the opportunity to run several types of evening leagues for goaltimate and mini on our 34’ X 70’ indoor field - stay tuned for more details as the gym nears opening!

Seminars & Clinics

These are offered regularly to the Seattle community at large, but also commissioned by teams both local, national and worldwide! Ren Caldwell has developed programming suitable for all ages/levels, focusing on soft tissue work/mobility, speed/agility, footwork/plyometrics, and strength/power training. We also host experts who want to present their methods to our Seattle community!

Social Events

Movie Nights, game film screenings, lock-ins and parties will abound in the Ballard space - keep your ears open, there will be a lot of fun going on!!

About RenFitness


Strive and Uplift

RenFitness, LLC is a strength and conditioning team based in Seattle, established by Ren Caldwell. We’re passionate about creating programming, resources and providing education for ultimate frisbee players locally and around the world. Our goals are to reduce injury risk for field athletes, improve on-field performance, and give players the tools and knowledge they need to pursue their sport at whatever level they desire.


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1320 N 35th St
Seattle, WA 98103

About our team

Ren Caldwell, NSCA CSCS, FMS


Owner, Strength and Conditioning Coach

In the last few years, I’ve focused on providing high quality, sport-specific and innovative programming to the ultimate community. I’m committed to working with people to improve their movement patterns and safely load their bodies, especially young female athletes! I write a monthly training column for Skyd Magazine (which has worldwide readership), have released instructional videos through RISE UP, and have been flown around the country and the world to educate ultimate players and coaches. FUN FACT: I used to be a professional modern dancer!


Bert Abbott, NSCA CSCS

Team Programming Coordinator, Strength and Conditioning Coach

I recently made the switch from teaching secondary science to strength and conditioning coaching for ultimate players. As a long-time youth coach and a captain of Seattle Mixtape, I'm excited to work with the Seattle ultimate community in this new capacity. I'm interested in helping teams and individuals move their work in the gym and on the field from simply exercising to sport-specific training. 


Kira Morin, Basi Pilates Instructor

Business Manager, Core & Stabilization Coach

I have been playing recreational ultimate for 10 years and more competitively in the last couple years. I have always loved the spirit of the game and the community it brings. When I got injured (hip labral tear and annular tear in my spine) I turned to RenFitness and Pilates to avoid surgery and to get stronger. It worked! When I heard that Ren wanted to open a gym, I jumped at the opportunity to help in any way I could. I have a background as a Pilates Instructor and in Organizational Development. I like helping people be healthy and strong, and creating systems that help people and organizations be successful. With RenFitess I get to do all of that and get to work in a place that cultivate the ultimate community! 


Emily Ring, NASM CPT, NPTI grad

Strength and Conditioning Coach

I first started training, myself, as a means of escape from my chaotic reality. I used movement and breath to direct and change my focus and build self-confidence. Whenever I learned a new motor pattern or hit a new PR, my efforts being validated. “If I can do this, I can do whatever I set my sights to. Visualization to realization. As a health and wellness coach it is my mission to educate on personal well-being, holistic-strength and to provoke higher level thoughts-and-actions. As my client you will gain body awareness and confidence; by challenging your proprioception to create new neuropathways.