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Speed and Agility Clinic this Saturday!

- Jan 27, 2014
Open to any ultimate player who wants to get faster, quicker, maximize their power and avoid injury! Taught by Michael "MC" Caldwell, 14-year veteran of Sockeye and Ren Caldwell, Seattle Strength and Conditioning coach specializing in ultimate athletes.

This two hour clinic will include: Where: Delridge Playfields in West Seattle
When: Saturday, February 1st, 2-4pm
Cost is $20

Space is limited, so sign up here!


The F.U.T.U.R.E. is here!

- Nov 20, 2013
Today Morrill Performance released its latest product, an incredible resource for ultimate injury prevention and performance training. F.U.T.U.R.E. 1.0 is jam-packed with information and training resources of all kinds - if you're serious about getting stronger, faster, and less prone to injury, you need to check it out! My talk entitled "Deconstructing the Ultimate Body" is featured in this resource, and a teaser is viewable below. I'm incredibly proud to be working with superb coaches like Tim Morrill to keep athletes healthy and surpassing their own expectations on the field.


A great finish for Seattle Ultimate at Nationals

- Oct 23, 2013
I'm just returning from Frisco, TX and the USUA club comepetition, where both teams I was working with (Sockeye and Riot) qualified for Worlds next year and Sockeye made finals! It was an incredible opportunity to see the work the players have put in on their own and with me all year make its way on the field in such a dominating fashion.

I was working long long days, keeping players healthy and helping diffuse minor problems before they became major ones. I had a blast staying at the Riot house, and felt very welcomed and included by them all weekend. All in all, I learned a TON and I'm extremely grateful for the warmth and openess I felt working with both teams.

I'm turning my attention now to the off-season, and have already been approached by several elite players asking about winter training programs. I'm going to be developing those for teams and individuals, as well as exploring options for long-distance training. Announcements for this (as well as exciting media resources coming up) will be on this page, as well as on my Twitter and Facebook! :)


RenFitness' training for Ultimate is catching on in Seattle

- Oct 7, 2013
What a whirlwind year it's been!! I hit the ground running as the Rainmakers' S & C coach and have barely had a chance to breathe since then! I had a great season with Seattle's first professional ultimate team...I'm happy to say that although we had a few freak injuries, no one on the team went down from preventable overuse injuries (hamstring/groin pulls, knee or low back issues, etc). The guys worked really hard to change some less-than-optimal movement patterns and get in shape quickly for what was to be, for most of them, a long season. Almost all of the RM went on to play competitave club ultimate (Sockeye or Voodoo) later this year, so we took the long view, making sure they were able to stay healthy and peak twice in one year. Challenging work, and I loved every second of it...I was asked to continue on for next season and didn't think twice before agreeing.

As the MLU season was wrapping up, I went right into working with Seattle Riot, doing movement evaluations for them and teaching proper lifting form in group workouts. I've had a blast working with them this season, and have been really excited to add to my knowledge and experience of working with top-level athletes. Next stop for me: USAU Nationals, where I'll be splitting my time between Sockeye and Riot, helping the players stay loose on the sidelines and before/after games, and working with any issues or injuries that may come up. Look for me on ESPN! ;)