Off-Hand Throwing Challenge

One of the biggest causes of poor on-field power production and injury in ultimate is asymmetry. We pivot on one of our feet, lunge with the other, and throw with one arm, which causes a major imbalance in our body. Running and cutting are supposed to use both sides of our body equally, but that’s impossible with poor strength/activation on one side! Working off-hand throws is one of the best ways you can address this problem, and you can also sneak these throws into games to befuddle your mark!

This program will help you gain confidence in throwing both accurate and longer off-hand throws. The core work is included (along with some new warm-up exercises) to help your off-hand core and shoulder work the way they need to in order to produce finesse and power, and you’ll be doing more reps with your off hand to facilitate muscle memory. Most of the time you’ll be practicing with a different pivot foot - this is important for engaging and strengthening the other side of your core and building the strength up your whole kinetic chain for best running/jumping ability.

Following this program to the letter isn’t required to get better at off-hand throws - there are many approaches and this is just one. Before you start, do some accuracy and distance testing with both hands so you can measure your progress! Also, take the time to write down differences in how it feels when you throw with your off hand (less coordinated/less stable/not as powerful).

If you’re in Seattle, check out our workshop on using off-hand throwing in game this weekend, hosted by Seattle Sockeye (with goalty afterwards)! We’ll also be hosting a fun competition at the gym at the end of the month so you can rock your skills!

You should do this program a couple times each week if you want to see progress - it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete, though you can definitely go through the circuit more than once if you have the time!