Classes & Courses


RenFitness group offerings include classes with specific foci on different aspects of training, as well as customized 8-week courses that take you through a complete progression of skills. Check out the descriptions below or contact us to find something that fits your needs!


Class Descriptions


These group training sessions are based on getting stronger, more injury-resistant, and upping in-game performance for athletes. The atmosphere is both fun and focused, and there is a lot of talk about how the movements we do on any given day help you reach your goals.

Check our current schedule for class times! If there's a time you wish we had a class, let us know!


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Designed for athletes, this class is organized around different sport-specific skill sets and goals (change of direction, first three steps, verticality). It’s a mix of strength/power work and metabolic conditioning!


Turf Technique

Often, ultimate players do “track workouts” designed for other sports. Turf technique will work on speed, agility, and quickness with the movement patterns of ultimate, while giving you a solid workout.


Womens' Lifting

We work hard, we pick up heavy stuff, we swing kettlebells. We work through a periodized strength/power program, and encourage each other to lift outside of class. We have fun!!


Masters players often have a larger injury history and more ingrained movement patterns - we work on increasing mobility, learning proper form and modifications for strength/power exercises, and getting our sweat on with our friends!



This course is focused on core strength, building stability in your hips, creating good posture and more! Core strength is a foundational element to having an injury-resistant and strong body for life, lifting, and sport.

Strength Flow

Find your center and work on mobility in this combination movement and strength class. A great way to start your week off right, or unwind and reset after a tough week!

Kettlebell Circuit

Kettlebells are an extremely versatile tool for strength and conditioning! This class is primarily strength endurance and metabolic conditioning, with a focus on body balancing and injury reduction.

Strength 101

This 30-minute FREE (with purchase of other services) drop-in course will focus on different strength training movements each week. Learn how to safely strength train on your own with our certified coaches!


Eight Week Courses


Eight week courses are specifically designed to help you reach your own individual goals and work through more complete progression of skills. Sign up for an individualized 8-week course for $120 (plus tax) and get awesome! 


Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes

This program will:

  • Help set realistic 8-week goals based on larger goals
  • Involve movement evaluations/benchmark testing
  • Focus on technique of progressions of the snatch and clean and jerk
  • Connect weightlifting movements with movement patterns in sport
  • Help reach a peak for your summer season through power and strength movements with weight

Instructor: Bert Abbott, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

Monday Mornings, 6:30-7:30 AM

July 10 - Aug 28

Monday Evenings, 8-9 PM

July 10 - Aug 28


High School Summer Lifting

This program will be targeted specifically to the needs of young ultimate athletes. The program will:

  • Help set realistic, concrete goals
  • Involve movement evaluations/benchmark testing
  • Educate participants on proper lifting form and increase confidence in solo weight training
  • Strengthen and optimize movement patterns important in sport
  • Increase stability and coordination on both sides of the body
  • Teach participants self-care for soft tissue
  • Increase mobility, strength and power across several measurable axes
  • Provide additional programming for the rest of the week, including four additional gym access sessions per month!

Tuesday Evenings, 7-8 PM

Jul 11 - Aug 29