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RenFitness group offerings include classes with specific foci on different aspects of training, as well as customized 8-week courses that take you through a complete progression of skills.

We believe that healthy movement is good and important. We believe in learning proper technique and exercising with a purpose, whatever your goals may be. As such, we have a variety of programs, from exercise classes and skill development courses to full, sport-specific training programs so you can choose what fits your needs, goals, and overall life!




Exercise in a group environment through strength training, plyometrics, core stability workouts, and cardio with our classes. Track your individual progress and see improvements in your form, strength, and endurance as you commit to an exercise routine! Access classes through drop-in rates or class memberships. See our schedule for current class times.


Strength & Agility         Stabilize         Kettlebell Circuit         Women's Lifting

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Strength & Agility

A blend of strength movements, agility, and cardio designed for field sport athletes, helpful for life!



Mat Pilates style core workout with movements that translate to sport and life. Appropriate and beneficial for everyone!


Kettlebell Circuit

HIIT circuit class using primarily kettlebells as well as body weight movements. Focus on good form throughout.


Women's Lifting

Learn proper lifting technique & balance out your body using strength movements in a class for female-identified folks.


Skills Courses


Commit to specific skill development in one method of exercise. Learn new movement patterns and improve on your technique through focused, coached progressions of skills. Prices vary for skills courses, so check out the current offerings below for more details.

Current & Upcoming Skills Courses


Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes I
Mondays Sep 11-Oct 30, 8-9p

Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes II
Mondays Sep 11-Oct 30, 7-8p

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Stabilize Challenge I & II

Increase your core stability over the course of one month in our Stabilize Challenge. Comes with take-home workouts to complete each day.

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Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes I & II

Focus on technique of the snatch and clean & jerk and how those lifts connect with movement patterns in sports. Instructor permission required.


Kettlebell Fundamentals

Kettlebells are a powerful training tool when used appropriately and to their full potential. Learn swings, cleans, snatches, get-ups, and more!


Training Courses


Elevate your program from exercising to training for sport by committing to eight weeks of specific, progressed strength training. Courses meet once a week, but require two or more days a week in a gym dedicated to completing programmed workouts. If you intend to do the extra workouts here, we have different levels of gym access memberships to fit your needs. We keep those extra access times separate to keep our costs so low ($15/week for a group class and specialized programming) for everyone. 

Programming is tailored to your sport and where you are in your season. If we’re not currently offering something that fits your needs, you can assemble a group (6-12 people) with similar training goals and timing, and we’ll make a course for you!

Foundations         Level Up

Current & Upcoming Training Courses

High School Girls Lifting (Off-Season Foundations for girls)
Wednesdays Sep 27-Nov 15, 4:30-5:30p

ReMastered (Off-Season Foundations for Masters ultimate players)
Tuesdays Oct 3-Nov 21, 6-7p

Off-Season Foundations (for club ultimate players)
Tuesdays Oct 3-Nov 21, 7-8p

Off-Season Level Up
Begins week of October 30th, day/time TBD

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For those who can train 2-3 times a week. Uses season- and sport-specific movements to increase performance and reduce your risk of injury. Includes programming for your other workouts. $120 + tax for eight weeks.

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Level Up

For those who can train 3-6 times a week (depending on the season). Uses more advanced training techniques to elevate your game, and relies on completion of multiple workouts per week. Instructor permission required. $160 + tax for eight weeks.