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Want to be a part of all the amazing things the gym has to offer, but you live too far away? Want to support our gym as we develop strength and conditioning protocols to further the sport of ultimate? Join us virtually through a membership or by purchasing workshops or programs a la carte! 

RenFitness Virtual is current, comprehensive, and complementary health & fitness information for the ultimate frisbee athlete.

  • Current: we work with health and fitness professionals who are experts in their field to bring you up-to-date, research-driven information.

  • Comprehensive: we look at the whole person and offer resources on physical health from lifting & core to nutrition & soft tissue care, and mental/socio-emotional health from individual to team culture.

  • Complementary: these offerings are designed to work together with other lifting programs and ultimate training resources to provide you an understanding of how to better your health and performance for long-term success in ultimate. If you have a trainer or have lifting programming like the UAP or MPFPT, there is still a lot for you to gain from RenFitness Virtual!

  • For the Ultimate Frisbee Athlete: all that we do is specifically designed with the sport in mind. We believe that ultimate is a unique sport with a unique set of physical movement patterns, metabolic demands, and cultural structures. It’s why we love the sport, and also why it deserves specific attention!


Renfitness Virtual Membership

Be a standing member of our community, and get regular programming and insights into how to support your whole health as an athlete! We have team and pod packages, as well as discounts on six-month subscriptions, so you can find the right structure for your needs.

Virtual Memberships include:

  • One clinic per month; past clinics include Nutrition for Ultimate Athletes, Pelvic Floor Stability and Health, and Soft Tissue Care. Each clinic will be accessible to members for three months. 
  • One video Stabilize class per month with accompanying exercise guide
  • Workout of the Week Plans designed for ultimate players, including a Weekly "My Favorite Move" video breaking down one of the exercises in the Workout of the Week
  • Virtual access to RenFitness coaches
  • One gym visit per month (no roll-over)


per person per month
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A La Carte

Are there a few specific things you're interested in learning about? Want to go back and participate in a clinic that you missed? We're collecting a bank of videos and resources as we work with our partners. Purchase includes lifetime access to video and accompanying resources. 


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Special Programs

Participate in a workout challenge with our worldwide community. These programs include video instruction, workout guides, and email support from our coaches.


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