core strength & stability

Workout-Specific Core Prep

Linear Hip Mobility         Lateral Hip Stability         Cross-Body Connection         Ready to Play

Linear Hip Mobility


Follow along with this video before you do linear running, whether it's sprint workouts, running striders on the track, or going for a jog. 


Lateral Hip Stability


Follow along with this video before you do change of direction work, from defensive footwork practice to running agility ladders. 


Cross-Body Connection


Use this video to prepare your core for the demands of a throwing set. Pay special attention to differences from side to side! Doing focused throwing is great, but make sure you're correcting the imbalances that crop up from much repetitive motion on one side through targeted core work. 


Ready to Play


Use this video to get you ready for a practice, game, or tournament day. This one uses concepts and moves from the other three workout-specific core prep videos, so go through those before you use this one to maximize your understanding of the cues and muscles you should feel activating!