We believe lifting with your team provides huge benefits for team culture and resilience through the season. 

Get your team in here or bring us out to your practices to get physically prepared for your season! We will work with you to find the combination of services that's right for your team and where you're at in your competitive cycle. We work with all kinds of teams during all parts of the year. No matter what your team is up to right now, there's no better time than the present to get started!

The workouts we did at the RenFitness Gym built a team culture around strength that carried over to how players showed up collectively as a team and individually as leaders. Players were more mentally tough than in previous years and more connected, the gym really created a powerful place to grow confidence in self and team.
— Heather Ann Brauer, Ingraham Girls Coach

My team just wants to work out Together in this incredible space


Team Rentals

We can rent half (turf or weights side) or all of the gym to your team. Yes, this includes for fundraisers!

  • Lifting or Turf Side:
    $55/hr (youth)
  • Whole Gym:
    $65/hr (youth)
  • Team Pod during business hours:
    $65/hr up to 8 players

Available hours vary, so contact us to find out when you can come in!

We want you to be our strength coach and teach us some things


We can work with your team in the gym or out on the field on lifting technique, running form, soft tissue work - whatever your team needs most, we're here to help! 

  • On-Site Clinic (Ballard):
    $120/90 min
  • Off-Site Clinic:
    $100/hr plus reimbursed travel costs

Add-On Coaching

If you come in for pods or rent the gym as a team but don't want to purchase a full programming package, we can coach you through your workout for $45/hr.

We want you to tell us what to do with All our workouts



We offer programming to teams that is designed specifically for ultimate. This includes lifting, plyometrics, and speed and agility work (aka "track" workouts).

Consults start at $60 to get your season plan in place. Programming packages include:

  • Lifting Programming:
    $150/mo, comes with two hours of coaching
  • Running/Conditioning Programming:
    $100/mo, comes with one hour of coaching
  • Additional Coaching Sessions:

We also offer team packages for our Virtual Gym! Discuss your specific needs with us, and we'll build something great together!