This gym is intended for the whole ultimate community to use to get stronger and come together for fun, athletic activities. That includes youth players! We have special pricing for youth gym access and courses, as well as special youth pricing for team rentals of the facility. Contact us for more information if you're a youth coach looking to get your players in the gym!

Why should young athletes train?

We believe in teaching young athletes how to take care of their bodies from an early age, including how to warm up, activate the core, and strength train using age-appropriate exercises. Research shows regular participation in these activities help increase bone density during adolescent development and keeps the growing muscle systems balanced and fully functional. Plus, it's a ton of fun to get to exercise and play with friends new and old!


Upcoming & Current Youth Offerings

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Middle School Goalty League

Sundays Mar 4-25, 10a-12p
Learn skills, make new friends, and get some exercise! Open to middle schoolers of all genders & experience levels. Sign up for the whole course for $25!


Midwinter Break Session

Middle School

Thursday Feb 22, 9a-12p
6-8th grade

This 3-hour session focuses on age-appropriate training to improve your game and health, finishing up with playing goalty and/or mini!

Lifting Courses

High SChool Boys Lifting Course

Sundays Mar 25-May 13, 12-1p
Strength, speed & agility programming designed to help you prepare for your season! Includes an additional four gym access sessions/month for the duration of the course to round out your program. Open to high school boys of all experience levels.

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High school summer lifting course

Tuesdays Jun 26-Aug 21, 4-4:50p
Use your summer to learn proper lifting technique for major lifts, as well as apply those movement patterns to sport-specific movements. Includes four gym access sessions/month for the duration of the course to round out your program. Open to incoming high schoolers and first year college students of all genders and experience levels. Ask your school about how to get PE credit for this course!


Youth Gym Access Pricing


Before you come into the gym, make sure that you've created an account through Pike13 AND you and your parents have signed our waiver!  For a guide for parents on how to create an account for younger kids, click here. Information on specific youth pricing for gym access is below, including links to make accounts and purchase passes. Choose the one that best fits your needs!

Youth membership features include:

  • Automatically renews monthly after your sign-up date (ex. if you sign up on the 6th, it will renew on the 6th of the following month)
  • Discounts on tournaments on the gym turf, seminars, workshops, and biweekly clinics
  • Free access to community events like movie nights, game viewing, etc.

One-Time Drop In


each + tax

The Youth One-Time Drop In includes...
on Gym Access session for lifting and pickup on the turf. 

Four-A-Month Membership


per month recurring + tax

The Youth Once-A-Week Plan includes:

  • 4 Gym Access sessions per month
  • 30% off additional sessions ($5 + tax ea.)

Unlimited Membership


per month recurring + tax

The Youth Gym Membership includes:

  • Unlimited Gym Access sessions!
  • $8 off up to two class enrollments

Youth Team Options

Youth Team Rentals

We offer special pricing for youth teams from elementary to high school:

  • Half Gym Rental (gym or turf) - $55/hr
  • Full Gym Rental - $65/hr
  • Coaching - $45/hr


  • Offered to youth teams to work on their mental and physical game beyond disc skills
  • Includes Mental Health/Toughness, Nutrition 101, & Soft Tissue/Mobility Self-Care Tools followed by Youth Goalty and Parent Q&A with RenFitness coaches
Ingraham Boys Varsity

Ingraham Boys Varsity